Offer your customers returns and product exchanges

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“Bond uses electric Bondmobiles to get packages to doors.”  


״The Shopify of logistics.״

״The new urban shipping company.״

“Better customer service after the purchase.״

We get it — returns can be expensive and a real pain. But they are also an opportunity to differentiate your brand, boost customer loyalty and retention, and even increase sales.

This is how it works

same day delivery

Scheduled Returns

Our local team will contact, schedule, and pick up returns from your customers.

Returns and Exchanges

Drop-off Exchanges

Offer customers exchanges while picking up returns. A win win for you and your customers.

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Seamless Integration

We make returns and exchanges a part of your brand's daily delivery route. That was easy!

Returns & Exchange FAQ

Your customers returns and exchanges are automatically integrated into our system. If pickup location is in an area we support, we fulfill returns and exchanges as part of your brand’s daily delivery route. 

You bet we will 🙂 Talk to us about how we can integrate with your e-commerce platform and start working together. 

Good question! It depends on your brand’s return and exchange policy. Drop us a line and will give you all the details. 

We currently provide this service in NYC. Soon we’ll be expanding to other cities as well. We’re super excited 🙂 

We integrate with
all e-commerce platforms.

Let's talk today, so you can deliver smarter tomorrow!