Next-Gen Last-Mile Delivery Services

We deliver on time and show up when we say we will.
Too good to be true? Nah, we’re just that reliable.

Last mile delivery

Last-Mile Delivery Done Differently

We’re not into late packages or unhappy customers, so we make sure our last-mile delivery is the fastest, most reliable out there.

It’s 2020 — your customers deserve an outstanding last-mile experience, no matter what. In a world of broken supply chains and delayed deliveries, we do things differently.

Mind-Blowing Data

Last-mile delivery can make or break your brand.
Think we’re exaggerating? 


Of online customers experience disappointment mainly during the Post Purchase phase


Of online shoppers would not return to a brand after a bad last-mile experience


Satisfied consumers from last-mile delivery spend 12% more at the retailer

On-Time, Same-Day Delivery

neighbourhood delivery

Our network of nano-distribution centers (NDCs) allows us to store goods closer to your customers and get to them faster.


We deliver goods on our eco-friendly, super fast electric trikes. Just think of all the time we save without traffic! 


Using aggregated data, we optimize your delivery operations to minimize last-mile delivery time.

Last-Mile Delivery FAQ: We Answer

Last-mile delivery is the final and most important part of the customer journey. In a nutshell, last-mile delivery is the transporting of your customer’s package from its storage location to its final destination.

Last-mile delivery with Bond is easy. We provide an easy-to-install API which seamlessly integrates with your e-commerce platform. Once integrated, we automatically accept all deliveries that are in our coverage area.

Sure! Our same-day delivery service includes orders placed by customers before 5 p.m. 

Of course, we also offer next-day delivery services, for your convenience

We work with leading brands and eCommerce businesses that want to offer their customers same-day delivery. Let’s talk today and get started delivering tomorrow!

We care about the environment! To reduce our carbon footprint, we deliver your goods on low-emission electric trikes.

We do delivery differently.