BondOS Technology

Bond’s cutting edge technology powers brands to deliver the ultimate post purchase experience. Accelerate growth and optimize delivery operations with just a few clicks.

How it Works

Our deep technology allows real time delivery optimization in a constantly changing world. The future of delivery has arrived.


Seamless Integration​

Integration has never been faster and lighter. There’s a reason they call us the Shopify of logistics.


Full Visibility​

From purchase to satisfaction, your entire customer journey is now fully visible. Not just for you — for your customers too.


Data-Driven Growth​

Meaningful insights reduce risks and enable smarter decisions, increasing customer satisfaction and sales.

Bond’s Single Source of Truth Dashboard

Manage your brand’s entire customer journey from one centralized place.
Full transparency, live actionable updates, and AI-informed data. No, this is not a dream.

Bond Dashboard


BondOS is a tech-driven operational infrastructure designed to enable brands to provide the most outstanding post purchase solution. Our OS includes a network of nano-distribution centers, local delivery teams, and cutting edge technology to help you manage and optimize your brand’s last-mile delivery and customer experience.

Our technology is designed to optimize your brand’s last mile operations and improve customer experience. Using integrative tech and AI-informed data, we minimize delivery time so you can provide your customers the fastest, most accurate last-mile experience. In other words, we make sure your customers are happy, and keep coming back 🙂 

Our dashboard is like no other. Get this: it is the only BI operational dashboard that gives you full visibility throughout the entire customer journey — from purchase to delivery and beyond. We give you real-time updates and   actionable AI informed data on your brand’s activity, to optimize your delivery route and increase sales.  

Integration is super easy! We integrate seamlessly into your eCommerce platform in just a few clicks. Once we’ve integrated, we can service the designated areas we’ve agreed on.

We do delivery differently.