Shed Light on the Black Hole of Post-Purchase

Bond enables digital-native brands full visibility and control in the Post-Purchase phase. Your technological swiss army knife to save up to 20% on operational cost and reach improved business KPIs.


"The Shopify of Logistics"

Business Insider

Your supply chain is as strong as its weakest link

And there are so many links…


Tools that match the post-purchase experience to your brand’s standards

Post-Purchase Visibility

See the real time status of your daily operations – from the eCommerce platform, the fulfillment and the shipping processes, in one place.

Consumer POV

Easy access to the customer’s history – total spend, AOV, delays and refunds – for tailor made handling.

Proactive Communication

Keep in touch with your consumers with active updates throughout the post-purchase phase.

Branded tracking page

Communicate your brands’ values and all the relevant order information to provide clarity and reduce CS overhead.

CS Protocol Enforcement

Easy flow for a unified Manage roles and permissions for refund and order updates.

Automatic Flagging

Proactive notifications on discrepancies, so the issues can be fixed it before your consumers are affected.

Operational Excellence Reports

Get Insights on supply chain weak spots – refund analytics, CS issues, quality complaints and more.

OpEx Overview

Analyze your operations to identify and fix financial black holes.

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