Last-mile Delivery for Meal Kits

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“Bond uses electric Bondmobiles to get packages to doors.”  


״The Shopify of logistics.״

״The new urban shipping company.״

“Better customer service after the purchase.״

Fresh Last-mile Delivery


Reduced Cost Per Unit​

With Bond's last-mile delivery, there's no need for special packaging or ice packs. In less than 24 hours, your customers will receive their meal kits right to their door. Super fresh, for way less!


Fresh & Fast​

Our cutting-edge operating system is designed for speed and accuracy. With nano-distribution centers, local delivery teams, and predictive AI technology, we optimize route delivery to guarantee fresh and fast delivery.


Boost Customer Satisfaction ​

Your customers are hungry - don't keep 'em waiting! Same-day delivery has been proven to increase happiness levels, boost retention, and keep customers coming back for more.

Happy (Not Hungry!) Customers

same day delivery

Scheduling ​

Customers can schedule meal-kit deliveries right to their door - super fast, always fresh!


Live Tracking

Track orders in real time with full visibility throughout the entire last mile. Know where your food is at all times.


24/7 Chat

Got a question about meal kit arrival? Our delivery team is ready to chat.


Reverse Logistics ​

Customers can schedule a pickup or dropoff exchange. Easy and sustainable!

Bond is a next-gen last-mile company that offers brands and their customers a fast, effective and delightful experience.

We integrate with
all e-commerce platforms