Bond’s Post Purchase Operating System

We’ve deployed a technology-driven
network of nano-distribution centers
(NDCs) that are managed by local
teams. We store your goods closer to
your customers, get to them faster
and when it’s most convenient.

Layer 24

The Post Purchase Experience

Easily Integrate

Bond’s OS easily integrates with any e-commerce platform so we’re notified about all orders, in real-time.

Store Locally

We store your inventory at NDCs throughout the city.
Just a quick ride away from your customer’s doorstep!

Email Customers, Make ’em Smile

After your customer clicks “buy”, Bond immediately sends your customer an email link with easy-to-follow instructions for an outstanding post-purchase and delivery experience.

Let ’em Schedule Delivery

With Bond, customers can schedule same-day deliveries so their orders arrive when it’s most convenient for them, at the location of their choice.

Track in Real-Time

Bond away – we’re headed to deliver your customer’s order. Meanwhile your customer can know exactly where their package is and its real-time arrival. It’s that simple.

Chat with Bond

Customers can chat with a Bondr* anywhere, anytime. Running a few minutes late? Wanna change a drop-off location? Send a message!

*Bondrs are our local delivery team.

Returns? We’re on it!

Forget the hassle of returns.
Bond’s local team will contact, schedule and pick up returns from your customers. We just made your life way easier 🙂