Simplify your operations with Bond’s all-in-one logistics platform

Order Management

Manage e-commerce orders and deliveries on one dashboard.

Simplify operations with a holistic view of your customers and shipments. View pending orders, delivery status, and unique customer tags.

Customer Communication

Drive brand awareness and consumer loyalty.

Increase customer satisfaction with automated text messages, proactive shipment notifications, real-time tracking with scheduling, live maps and ETA.


Support the entire micro-fulfilment journey from time management to dispatch.

Employ Bond’s end-to-end platform for label generation, shelving and inventory management. Dispatch orders with your own fleet or leverage our network of third-party carriers.

Inventory Management

Manage stock efficiently to increase revenue and prevent stockouts.

Update and track product stock across network sites, get real-time intel about future orders, and leverage sales trends to stop the occurrence of backordered items.

Site Management

Load balancing orders with customized automation tools for your coverage areas.

Setup new distribution centers, create custom assignment logic, and load balancing for your orders based on geography, inventory, and labor resources.

Delivery Management

Singular platform for route planning, dispatching, and delivery.

Take delivery operations to the next level with advanced route optimization, dispatch, proof of delivery and real time tracking tools.

Data-Driven Decision Tool

Base growth decisions on real time data.

Use advanced metrics, alerts, and recommendations to reduce shipping costs and improve your post-purchase experience. Grow as you go using geospatial analysis tools to increase service areas, customers, and revenue.

Demand Enabler

Easy integration from demand platforms to fulfilment partners.

Consolidate e-commerce sites and stores with third party logistics.

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