Bond offers post purchase experience services that are tailored for direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands and E-commerce ventures.
We offer brands the ability to unlock free, same-day scheduled delivery for their customers, and also the ability to store goods in our NDCs with specific kitting abilities on the pick and pack part as well.
In addition to a polished delivery experience, Bond offers scheduled returns and specially branded moments throughout the entire delivery experience.

We’ve developed a technology-driven network of neighborhood-level distribution centers (NDCs) that are managed by local teams (our Bondrs). This enables us to store your goods close to your customers, get to them faster and when it’s most convenient.

We offer the following pricing models:
Price per package delivery
Storage + Pick and Pack + Delivery
For specific pricing quote please contact our sales department at happy@withbond.com

Yes, we do offer fulfillments services. We’ll Pick and Pack your deliveries according to your brand’s guidelines.

The best case is a brand with an average of 10 SKUs for storage and/or fulfillment, but numbers don’t frighten us – it depends on weight, size, and order frequency. Talk to us and we’ll find a way to work together 🙂

We have 2 shipping methods in our supported zip code areas:

Same-day deliveries for orders accepted before 5 pm.
Next- day deliveries.

We currently cover Manhattan & Brooklyn, with plans to expand throughout all 5 boroughs by the end of March, 2020.

We provide seamless and easy to install API which integrates with your e-commerce system. We automatically accept all deliveries that are under our coverage area.

Bond offers brands a unique and personalized extra mile experience tailor-made to your needs.

A few examples:
Promotion of new products
Cooperation with brands promoting each other’s products
“Get 3, try them all, choose one and return the rest with the Bond”
Setup and installation for smart home devices

Not at the moment. We currently focus on NY (Manhattan, Brooklyn, and soon all 5 boroughs). It’s in our roadmap to support other cities.

Want us to come to your city? Let us know where you are!

We operate Monday-Friday, between 8 am – 10 pm. Saturday and Sunday will be operational in the near future.

Yes, each of our NDCs has a refrigerated shelving space. In addition, we provide extra care when it comes to delivering your goods without any damage.

Being environmentally friendly is really important to us. To have the least footprint possible, we developed special electric tricycles, which are used for all of our deliveries.