Package receiving – Manually

  • Copy the Package ID 
  • Paste the package ID to the receiving packages window 
  • Fill the required details 
  • Click enter


It’s always preferred to use the scanner to reduce human errors.

Shelf ID

We use Shelf IDs to identify where the package is located. 

In order to use the shelf ID feature please follow the next Flow:

Before scanning a new package, enter the shelf ID. You can either scan the QR code or enter it manually.

Continue scanning packages until there is no more room on the shelf (the number of packages on each shelf depends on their size).

When the shelf is full, move to the next one, scan or enter the next shelf ID and continue to scan and place new packages.

At the end of the process, the packages will be marked as ready for delivery on the dashboard, and next to each package the selected shelf ID.

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