Driver Status

Possible statuses:

  1. Offline (Greay)means not connected to the App – and no tasks assigned 
  2. Idle (Green)means online with or without assigned tasks 
  3. In transit (Blue) means a task is already set as stated by the driver (like Omri)

Driver Route and Location

  1. As long as the driver is online you can track them on the map and see their list (green dot)
  2. In case of a delay the pin color will change to gold
  3. The estimated time of delivery will be presented near each delivery
  4. “Finish by” is the estimated time for the driver to complete all their tasks
  5. Click the driver on the map or list to view the route
  6. The route stations will be marked as 1,2,3…

Add or Remove Driver

To add a driver, click the + button in the bottom-right corner of the Drivers tab in your dashboard settings.

  • Enter the driver’s information 
  • choose which team(s) they will be assigned to. They must be assigned to at least one team
  • Choose the appropriate method of transportation 

You must create a team before adding any drivers.

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