Assigning Tasks

Tasks could be assigned as follows:

  • Single\Bulk task assignment to a driver
  • Single\Bulk task optimization

Assigning Tasks – One by one

Mac: CMD + Mouse Left Click

Win: CTL + Mouse Left Click

Assigning Tasks – In a range

Mac/Win: SHIFT + Mouse Left Click

Assigning Tasks – Within a map region

Right-click Task Assignment

Assigning Tasks – Automatically

  • Select a list of Unassigned tasks
  • Or Shift key on the map view and choose Multiply tasks
  • Right click on one of the tasks and select Optimize 

Assigning Tasks – Optimization

  • Select one or more driver to participate in the assignment
  • You can select an entire team as well
  • Limit the tasks per driver if needed 
  • Set the service time per delivery to be calculated in addition to the drive time
  • Set Delay Threshold if needed 
  • Start and end point as ‘Team Hub’
  • Set the Optimize as ‘Always arrive on time’
  •  Click Proceed
  • Solve warnings and errors if prompt
  •  Confirm


Tasks will be assigned automatically and the route will be optimized to the shortest route possible per driver. Tasks can be assigned to all selected drivers, even if not active.

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