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So Fresh, So Fast: Why Meal Kit Services Deliver with Bond

Published on: April 20, 2020

The recent surge in demand for meal kits has forced industry players to rethink their logistics operations – last-mile delivery in particular. While the last mile is a hurdle for all direct to consumer brands, delivering meal kits and food supplies is significantly more challenging than delivering clothing, books, or any non-perishable item.

Meal kit makers that can optimize supply chains to reduce costs and maximize operational efficiency will emerge profitably. Given that last-mile delivery is expensive, highly complex, and almost always under the control of a third party, it’s the perfect place to start optimizing operations.

Here’s why meal kits services are ditching larger third party logistics providers (3PLs) to deliver with Bond:

Reduced Delivery Cost Per Unit

Meal kit makers spend about 30% on last-mile delivery through traditional means with their 3PLs and distributors. To top that off, most 3PLs take up to 72 hours to get meals to customers, and require pricey packagings like disposable freezer packs and dry ice. Bond offers same-day delivery, so there’s no need for special packaging or ice packs. In less than 24 hours, your customers will receive their meal kits right to their door. Super fresh, for way less!

Next-Gen Operational Efficiency

What’s the secret to our reliable last-mile delivery? Our cutting-edge operating system is designed for speed, accuracy, and full visibility. With a network of nano-distribution centers, local delivery teams on electric bikes, and predictive AI technology, we optimize your delivery route to guarantee fast and accurate delivery. We team up with forward-thinking brands to provide same-day delivery to customers throughout New York. Fresh, fast and tasty!

Happy (Not Hangry!) Customers

Hungry + angry = hangry customers! Same-day delivery has been proven to increase happiness levels and keep customers coming back for more. The world around us is hectic, which is all the more reason to keep customers satiated. Bond goes above and beyond when it comes to the last mile. In addition to fast on-time delivery, customers can communicate with Bondrs (our delivery team) and receive real-time updates on their meal kit’s ETA. What’s for dessert, you ask? An assortment of personalized last-mile perks to sweeten up your customers’ delivery experience!

Are you a meal kit service hungry for fresh, same-day delivery?
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