How Subscription Box Brands Can Reduce Churn with Bond

Published on: June 10, 2020

You’ve spent weeks planning the most fabulous subscription box for your customers. It’s curated with all their favorite products and packaged perfectly. You’ve even added surprise perks to make them smile. They’re going to love this month’s offering!

And then, you get the dreaded email.
Cancel my subscription, please.

“What the #@*^? Not another customer,” you think while shooting an email to your boss: Customers dropping like flies.

The Dreaded C-Word

Subscription box businesses fear one thing most — CHURN. With exceedingly high customer acquisition costs, these companies will do anything to decrease customer drop-off and increase LTV. Not only does churn hurt subscription brands economically, but it also lowers the quality of boxes as data is collected from fewer sources.

(Not So) Fun Fact

So how can subscription companies reduce churn? Hint: it’s last, but not least!

Bond –  The #1 Last-Mile Solution for Subscription Boxes

The last mile refers to the final and most critical stage in the customer journey. For subscription-based brands, this stage is a precious opportunity to build long-lasting and meaningful relationships with customers. The happier your customers are, and the closer they feel to your brand, the more you can secure future revenue and increase profit over time.

Here’s why subscription brands deliver with Bond:

1) Reduced Churn Rates

Providing an outstanding delivery experience, month after month, is critical for subscription brands. Our tech-driven optimization routes enable the most accurate and reliable delivery around. We show up when we say we will  – no late or missing packages! Customers can schedule deliveries (months in advance), track their orders in real-time, and schedule a pickup return if needed. They can even chat with our team 24/7 to answer any questions or change drop-off destinations. Hint for subscription brands: deliver when it matters most and watch as your churn rates drop.

2) Highly Personalized Customer Experience

Think outside the box: offer customers personalized last-mile deliveries

Subscription box brands are all about a unique and customized experience. So why should their delivery be any different? Bond works closely with subscription brands to create a new kind of relationship with their customers – one that will last long beyond their first purchase. Offer your customers a branded last-mile experience with hand-picked samples and delightful surprises upon drop-off.

Use the last-mile as a chance to truly bond with customers, and get to know them up close and personal.

3) Increased Conversions for First-Time Customers

Satisfying a first-time customer is important for all brands, but for subscription box brands, it is essential for securing long-term revenue. Forget 3-5 days, with Bond’s same-day delivery you can get to your first-time customers now. The result? Higher conversion rates and customer retention. Same-day delivery is a chance to differentiate your brand, and impress your customers from the get-go.

Are you a subscription box brand looking for a seamless, business-boosting last-mile solution? Talk to us today, let’s start delivering tomorrow!

Let's talk today, so you can deliver smarter tomorrow!

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