Reef and Bond Partner to Provide Urban Logistics Infrastructure Tailored to DTC Brands

Published on: July 23, 2020

Liraz Postan

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with REEF Technology, the largest operator of parking, mobility, and logistics hubs in North America, enabling the growth of direct-to-consumer brands through a tech-driven last-mile delivery solution. The solution will allow brands to store products closer to their customers and to provide an on-demand, on-time, and delightful last-mile experience. Together with Reef, our vision is to become one of the driving forces of the new on-demand, digital native, experience-driven economy.

Leveraging REEF’s network of neighborhood logistics and mobility hubs, last-mile solutions will be available immediately in New York and Philadelphia and will expand to Miami, Washington D.C, and San Francisco over the next few months.

This partnership is a huge opportunity for DTC brands with more than half of the US population now ordering basic and non-essential items online. Not only does this partnership provide eCommerce brands a better and more transparent last-mile experience, it also helps to solve some of the biggest issues facing eCommerce and logistics today. By helping cities and eCommerce brands evolve from a hub and spoke model to a distributed network of micro-fulfillment hubs, Reef and Bond will tackle the traffic congestion and shipping delays caused by COVID-19.

“We’re excited for this partnership with REEF,” says Asaf Hachmon, CEO of Bond. “By leveraging their digital platform coupled with their parking facilities and logistical hubs to house our nano distribution centers, we can meet more consumers where they are. Now, more people living in high-density cities can enjoy same-day and overnight delivery.”

How Bond and Reef’s partnership will accelerate DTC brands’ growth and customer experience

Reef’s neighborhood hubs and Bond’s last-mile tech-platform will enable brands to:

Provide Same-Day Delivery & Returns By storing goods in nano-warehouses and using the most advanced optimization algorithms, brands can provide same-day and next-day delivery via electric-cargo tricycles.

Reduce Carbon Emission – Brands can make the world a cleaner place using low-emission delivery vehicles and nano-distribution hubs, as opposed to large delivery trucks that sit in traffic for hours and miles to deliver a package.

Increase Customer Retention – Brands will strengthen relationships with the customers via outstanding post-purchase solutions, increasing trust, loyalty, and sales.

Bond and Reef’s partnership enables brands to leverage the power of proximity and provide the fastest, most accurate, and eco-friendly last-mile solution for DTC brands. Forget old-school couriers and long shipping and delivery times; the future of urban delivery has arrived.

If you’re a DTC brand looking for fast and eco-friendly last-mile delivery, talk to us today so we can deliver smarter tomorrow.

Let's talk today, so you can deliver smarter tomorrow!

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