why last mile delivery is so important

Why Last-Mile Delivery is So Important These Days

Published on: April 1, 2020

When it comes to ordering online, customers take it for granted that they can get same-day and next-day shipping on almost everything. The big conglomerates are, of course, Walmart and Amazon. It’s so easy to hop onto the website, order what you need, and wait impatiently for it to arrive.

Most brands want to get their products on these websites to provide this essential same-day service to clients. However, as the new Coronavirus pandemic has pointed out, these huge shipping companies might not be the best choice. Many of them have decided not to supply warehouses with anything other than medical supplies and essential household items.

While we, at BOND, understand this, we know that consumers want to be able to buy what they desire, regardless of whether there is a shortage or a need elsewhere.

Of course, the first priority is medical things, toilet paper, and the like. Still, the fact that Amazon, in a sense, shut down its supply of everything else is a little shocking in this modern age.

Everyone has to be careful in regards to the Coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still give your customers what they want. Whimsical buying is probably one of your best ways to drum up business, but it isn’t possible when no one has these items in stock on websites and in warehouses.

What is Last-mile Delivery and its Importance

Last-mile delivery is the movement of your goods from transportation hubs to the delivery destination. In a sense, it is the phrase that means getting your items to your customers. Amazon is currently working to distance itself from various third-party delivery services because it wants to build its own network. While this is admirable, we are now seeing the repercussions of that in light of the pandemic.

These days BOND has a significant advantage over other delivery companies and for many reasons.

Let’s focus on those now and how they relate to last-mile delivery for your needs.

Quick Execution

When it comes to getting everything done right, you need a delivery service that can do what it claims. To be a reliable and trustworthy company, you must be able to claim same-day delivery in as many locations as possible. It’s what the other top companies are moving toward, and you need to stay in line with or above the competition.

Here’s the issue: Offering same-day delivery doesn’t do any good when the delivery company can’t oblige during peak times and unprecedented situations, like the one we are in right now with the Coronavirus pandemic.

People get used to having this, and it becomes second-nature. Customers take it for granted, which is great during regular times. However, when something changes the status quo, and some delivery services stop offering same-day delivery, people get upset in a hurry. They may start to distrust those businesses, and this can hurt your bottom line because you now have a lot of products ready to ship and nowhere to send them.

With BOND, there is nothing to fear. Regardless of the situation going on around us, we always ensure same-day delivery. With our nano-distribution centers, your goods are closer to the customers. Therefore, even when things go awry within the world, the items are received faster and at the most convenient of times.

Eco-friendly Options

Of course, our nano-distribution centers also ensure eco-friendly delivery options. You can use this in your marketing efforts to let customers know that the items they buy are delivered from shorter distances. This saves money because less fuel is used, and those savings can be passed to you and the customers. Also, this means there is less pollution because the delivery trucks don’t have to travel as far (to and from the recipient).

Along with that, we can also help you achieve eco-friendliness by sending emails to the customer, providing them with instructions for delivery and post-purchase needs. This cuts down on paper trails, which helps the environment, as well.

Local Storage

With nano-distribution centers, the items you store with us are held closer to you or closer to the customer, depending on logistics. We make sure that, when a customer needs something, it is available to send that same day. There are such nano-distribution centers throughout the city, so it’s faster and more convenient.

Last-mile delivery is the only thing that customers care about because it means them getting the items they’ve ordered efficiently and as quickly as possible. In most cases, they don’t care about pandemics and other ‘roadblocks’ as they are focused on themselves. This is how the business world functions now, and it is up to you to ensure that they get what they want without them having to think about it.

Let's talk today, so you can deliver smarter tomorrow!

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