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How Coronavirus Affects Delivery Logistics in the US and Globally

Published on: April 1, 2020

Everyone has been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic, whether you know someone who has it, got laid off because you work at a nonessential business, or you’re on the front lines delivering goods to stores and people. Most Americans are doing their best to cope and adapt while trying to contain the fear and worry they feel for themselves and their loved ones. Still, those in the delivery industry have a job to do, whether it’s globally or right here in the US. The pandemic is affecting all aspects of it.

Surges in Demand, Less Supply

One of the biggest issues right now is that there has been a surge in demand for a variety of products. These include toilet paper, food, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, and items to make it easier to work from home. 

With so many stores running short, people have turned to online companies to buy these necessities. Of course, some of them are hoarding, which means they don’t need everything that they are buying. This is an issue that many stores are trying to prevent, but that still leaves them with empty shelves to handle right now.

Regardless of where you are delivering items, you need a delivery truck to take it there. Often, this means traveling in areas that might have outbreaks of COVID-19. Though the delivery industry has stepped up and is trying to protect its employees, this isn’t often easy to do.

Meal-Kit Deliveries on the Rise

You’ve probably heard about meal delivery services. They’ve been around for many years, and some of the most popular brands include Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Dinnerly, and others. 

Many people are now afraid to leave their homes for fear of contracting the virus. Most states in the US have shelter-in-place orders that clearly state people should stay in their house and only leave for essentials, such as grocery shopping or to go to work. 

Also, many stores are out of fresh ingredients, such as vegetables, meat, and fruit. It’s hard to prepare healthy meals when you can’t find things with which to make them. These meal-delivery services are now the most sought-after option on the market, and for good reason. You can order a variety of meals, have all the ingredients sent to your door, and don’t have to worry about social distancing. 

Of course, this also puts a strain on these companies because they have to keep these ingredients at hand and available to send on short notice. Delivery drivers are essential to this.

Technology at a Standstill

Today, more than ever, technology is at the forefront, with so many people having smartphones and similar devices. Due to COVID-19, most of the tech conglomerates have had to close their retail shops, manufacturing factories, and corporate offices. Google, Tesla, Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft are all on the list. Google, for example, closed its offices in Taiwan and Hong Kong for safety issues.

Still, the delivery services plow ahead. Many of these companies offered their services to such technology niches and now have switched gears. They are delivering medical supplies and PPE to hospitals or appropriate locations to have them distributed. This is just what the delivery niche is about: adapting to the surroundings and continuing to deliver what people need most.

China Suffers; the World Suffers

Of course, Coronavirus started in Wuhan, China, which is quite upsetting since China is where Americans get most of their items. This put everyone into a panic and upset China’s bottom line for exports. Still, the country had to focus on its people and worry less about its economy.

Now, however, things are looking brighter for this country. It is seeing fewer cases of COVID-19, and those who currently have it are quarantined and recovering. This is amazing, seeing as it all started in December. A few short months, things are looking up.

Still, the whole world is suffering because of China’s initial problems. Fewer essential items are being brought into US stores. People are buying, but they’re buying American-made products. This is sure to hit China hard, but it’s still too soon to know how much.

How New York Is Affected

New York is one of the most happening places in the United States, but walking around the city, you’d think it was a ghost town. With fewer people out and about, businesses are hurting. Of course, restaurants and bars have generally found a work-around by offering curbside or drive-thru services and selling package liquor. 

Delivery drivers are still out there, making sure that New York has what it needs. You can’t stop delivery services, as they are the lifeblood of every business in all parts of the world.

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