Bond, Order Desk and the World are Moving Fast 

Introducing Order Desk, our newest partner. Order Desk assists brands to plug-and-play Bond services with the most common eCommerce platforms. Bond allows you to create and edit orders manually online – in real-time. In addition to our Open API and Shopify out of the box solutions, we now have a one-click connection to any eCommerce solution – so you can start delivering with Bond now. 

How to Create a Shipping Policy for Your Business

Ecommerce Shipping policy

Due to the absence of retail outlets in their operations, e-commerce businesses rely on shipping services to transport their goods to consumers, as well as handle product returns and exchanges. As a result, any e-commerce business needs to have a transparent, organized, and easy to understand shipping policy that informs customers of shipping costs, timeframes, and modes. 

Calculating Shipping Costs

Shipping costs

Direct-to-consumer brands or e-commerce brands (less eCommerce business) are rapidly replacing brick and mortar stores as the preferred way to shop. The convenience of shopping online outweighs the wait for a package. Thanks to online retailers diligently tuning into customer demand, everything from housewares to electronics to groceries is now available to the consumer at the click of a button.

The Difference Between a Warehouse and Fulfilment Center

warehouse vs fulfilment center

The way consumers shop, and the way businesses operate or distribute materials is quickly evolving. One thing that has made shipping goods to consumers on time possible is through fulfillment centers. For some entrepreneurs, they may not realize it, but there are differences between warehouses and fulfillment centers that can benefit and hinder a company. 

Reef and Bond Partner to Provide Urban Logistics Infrastructure Tailored to DTC Brands


We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with REEF Technology, the largest operator of parking, mobility, and logistics hubs in North America, enabling the growth of direct-to-consumer brands through a tech-driven last-mile delivery solution. The solution will allow brands to store products closer to their customers and to provide an on-demand, on-time, and delightful last-mile experience. Together with Reef, our vision is to become one of the driving forces of the new on-demand, digital native, experience-driven economy.

How Same-day Delivery Boosted Onia’s Customer Experience

Uploaded ToHow Same-day Delivery Boosted Onia's Customer Experience

Few brands embody summer as genuinely as Onia. The direct-to-consumer swimwear brand has made quite the splash over the past decade with its minimal and timeless designs. We sat down with Onia’s co-founder, Nathan Romano, to chat about swimwear style, customer expectations and how same-day delivery has transformed their business.

Milk Bar and Bond Partner to Offer Upgraded Dessert Delivery in NYC


Cookie lovers of New York — hope you’re hungry! We’re super excited to announce our sweet new partnership with the one and only Milk Bar. Founded by award-winning pastry chef Christina Tosi, Milk Bar has been “shaking up the dessert industry” for over a decade, with their freakin’ good cookies and crazy tasty treats.

Fulfilling Your Subscription Box Demands

Fulfilling Your Subscription Box Demands

From milk to socks and product samples, subscription boxes have been around for ages. Regardless of what you are looking for, you can find a subscription box for pretty much everything. The key to success when it comes to subscription boxes is not entirely dependent on the actual goods, but rather the transportation from business to consumer. In the US, the subscription boxes value more than $10M and range from clothing to food. What separates successful subscription boxes from others is the ability of a business to ensure that it can deliver in a fast and punctual time.