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Bond Q&A: Hummus Joonam On Staying Connected to Customers

Published on: May 13, 2020

Grab those pitta chips, it’s time to celebrate hummus! With so many flavors and spices, hummus is more than just a dip — it’s a way of life. In honor of International Hummus Day, we reached out to Ohad Fisherman, Founder of Hummus Joonam, to chat about all things chickpea. Read on to discover how this DTC brand stays connected to its customers in the age of social distancing, and how same day delivery has boosted their customer experience.

Bond: Happy International Hummus Day! How are you celebrating? Any special plans?
Fisherman: We are celebrating with 50% off! We partnered with GMA’s “Retail Rescue: Deals & Steals” segment to offer our hummus at half-price. Shop Joonam through our website:

Your hummus has been called the “Absolute Best Hummus in New York.” What’s the secret to your recipe and why do you think your brand has garnered such a fan-base?
It is simple, pure hummus made with only five, fresh ingredients and made in small batches. This secret family recipe has been around 55 years and it has been a pleasure letting others enjoy it.

We know how much your brand loves its fans (aka customers). How have you managed to stay connected to your customers, especially during Coronavirus?
Talking to our fans on social media has really helped us stay connected with them during this time! It has allowed us to share great news/announcements, ask them questions and gather feedback in our posts & stories. We have very engaged fans and love talking to them through comments on our posts, in our DMs, etc.

As a DTC brand, how important is the post-purchase phase to you and your customers?
Making sure our hummus gets delivered to our customers as quick & easy as possible is very important to us. We recently started offering same-day delivery in Manhattan and free delivery on orders of four or more to make our hummus more accessible to our customers during this time.

How has your recent move to same-day, on-demand delivery in NY affected your business and customer experience?
It has been amazing! People are always saying how quick their hummus arrived and how easy it was to access it with everything going on. This has really helped the business, especially now.

Aside from Hummus Joonam, what are some of your favorite eCommerce or DTC brands?
I love ordering the brands Nespresso & PopCorners online. We’ve also teamed up with brands such Foods Alive, SeaSnax & From The Ground Up Snacks, which all pair perfectly with Joonam.

All of Hummus Joonam’s flavors are pure, simple and delicious! What’s your personal favorite — do tell!
I’m a traditional guy, so the O.G. flavor is my favorite!

Are you a DTC brand looking for same-day delivery?
Talk to us today, let’s start delivering tomorrow!




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