Bond, Order Desk and the World are Moving Fast 

Published on: July 30, 2020

The world around us is moving fast, evolving fast, integrating fast, but is it fast enough?

If you’re a DTC brand, you probably already offer your customers an outstanding shopping experience. You’ve probably established customer support flows and currently work with your favorite carriers for your packages.

But times are changing. Corona suddenly entered our lives, left for a while, and came again. Who can predict what comes and goes?
Times like this force us to think fast, to change fast, to adapt, to try and be flexible, and to choose our partners wisely.

What if you want to extend your delivery coverage area tomorrow?

What if you want to offer same-day delivery?
What if one day you would like to change your ecommerce platform?
Does this mean you need to change all other systems and accounts?
What will be the effect on your organization, on your support team, marketing or billing?
How can you ensure your customers’ satisfaction won’t be harmed due to the change?

The answer to those questions is simple: choose the most agile, flexible and adaptive partners as possible.

Bond currently offers the best post-purchase experience in the NYC district.
We plan to grow fast, to change and expand dynamically.

We launch new features and abilities on a weekly basis.
As a tech-startup, we build our solutions so we can extend our coverage area and share our special services fast and accurately while offering our customers a seamless flow. 

Introducing Order Desk, our newest partner. Order Desk assists brands to plug-and-play Bond services with the most common eCommerce platforms. Bond allows you to create and edit orders manually online – in real-time. In addition to our Open API and Shopify out of the box solutions, we now have a one-click connection to any eCommerce solution – so you can start delivering with Bond now. 

But wait, there’s more! With Order Desk, 

  • Your brand can set dynamic rules (zero development skills needed) to gain more flexibility and functionality to serve your customers.
  • You can have all your orders from all your platforms, all fulfilment centers and all carriers at one place for visual and management.
  • Splitting the orders between multiple carriers for a specific day? Go ahead! 
  • Like to set specific items, customers, or days with a certain fulfilment center? No problem! 
  • Want Bond to deliver your same-day orders only or all of your orders? – Just a click and we’ve got you covered! .

We’re proud to be one of 250 official Order Desk integrators and are excited about the super fast integration suppliers and brands can initiate with Bond immediately.

Check out Order Desk features here to unlock more other features that will assist your brand to grow fast and ensure better customer service as well as a more flexible customer experience.

Think fast, so we can all move faster.

Let's talk today, so you can deliver smarter tomorrow!

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