3 Eye-Catching Trends Disrupting eCommerce Fashion

It’s the most fashionable time of the year! As designers show off their latest collections on the world’s most prestigious runways, photographers and fashion critics gather front row for a sneak peek of 2020’s must-have styles. And this year, in addition to the boldest outfits making waves, dramatic developments are taking place in the fast-growing world of eCommerce fashion. Given that the global fashion online market is predicted to grow to $872B by 2023, next-gen fashion brands are eager to try on the industry’s noteworthy trends (Statistica, 2018).

Start Spreading the News: Bond Raises 15M ‘Cause Post Purchase Matters

Bond, a new urban-delivery company, is changing the game of last-mile delivery by replacing traditional package delivery with hyperlocal, electric-trikes. D2C brands can now offer customers outstanding post-purchase experiences.

5 Unnecessary Reasons Customers Leave Online Retailers (and they all happen after they click ‘buy’)

Retention and LTV are at the heart of every online retail business. The data says it all: it costs five times more to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones. D2C brands know just how critical it is to keep retention high and churn rates low. To do so, online retailers invest a tremendous amount in the customer’s journey, from a smooth UX experience (gotta lower those bounce rates!) to the best online support solutions out there. Not to mention the time and money dedicated to elaborate email marketing plans and rewards programs. And of course, there’s original content to generate, constantly. Because let’s face it— if your brand isn’t on the gram, does it even exist?

The Satisfaction Death Valley that Awaits Online Retailers in 2020

So you clicked the ‘Buy’ button. Christmas is fast approaching and that gadget you intended to put under the tree still hasn’t arrived. Or maybe it came on time, but not it’s not the color you ordered. Now you have to start the process of returning it! Bad feelings are starting to build up…

5 Ways BOND Turns the Post-Purchase Journey into an Opportunity For Online Retailers

We all love to shop online, but there’s one part that most of us don’t love. And that’s what happens after we click the ‘buy’ button. Waiting, more waiting, confusing delivery times, late deliveries, missed deliveries, complicated return policies, waiting again, total frustration and a bad brand experience.

How Great Post-Purchase Experiences Made Our DTC Brand Explode – and How You Can Benefit Too

Two years ago, my colleagues, May and Michael, and I launched a DTC grocery brand.
And like any other eCommerce brand, we invested most of our resources on customer experience. I’m proud to say, we nailed it. We had great products, and a well defined and differentiated brand. Our FB ads were branded yet performance-driven, we built a killer Instagram community, created our own influencer network, did acquisition by the book, invested in retention, and created an email marketing strategy… Every part of the user journey that was in our control, was pre-planned and very well-executed.