5 Ways BOND Turns the Post-Purchase Journey into an Opportunity For Online Retailers

Published on: February 21, 2020

We all love to shop online, but there’s one part that most of us don’t love. And that’s what happens after we click the ‘buy’ button. Waiting, more waiting, confusing delivery times, late deliveries, missed deliveries, complicated return policies, waiting again, total frustration and a bad brand experience.

We’ve all been there, and that’s where BOND comes into the picture.

BOND was born from the idea that online retailers can have tighter control over the post-purchase journey they provide to customers. And not just control, but tools and opportunities to make every single aspect of the post-purchase experience better, happier, more human, more connected, and reflecting the brand’s true image.

For brands who want to expand their value beyond the ‘Buy’ button, here are 5 ways that BOND enables a tailored post-purchase journey to create the trust that leads to retention:

1. In-city storage

Forget about mega-warehouses located far from the end customers. BOND’s operating system is based on small storage and fulfillment warehouses, or ‘nano-distribution centers’, situated in local neighborhoods. We call them BOND Bars.

BOND Bars give D2Cs and other online retailers fast and efficient control of their delivery processes in the ‘neighborhood’ radius.

The in-city storage concept was first developed to meet the challenge of shipping perishables. Online suppliers needed rapid, responsive delivery to various areas of the city, simply because they had no choice. But there’s no reason why this approach can’t be applied across the board.

What’s more, the data obtained by the entire network of NDCs (Nano Distribution Centers) is processed and analyzed, providing a rich source of unique insights, which can be used to upgrade the logistics performance of the client even further.

2. Preferred scheduled delivery

When we set out to create the BOND concept, we discovered one of the prime sources of frustration and disappointment among online customers. You guessed it – it’s scheduling deliveries. Unclear and unreliable delivery times lead to a severe lack of trust, which damages the value of the brand in the eyes of the customer. And it’s a real shame…

BOND removes this pain point with a new operations tool- Preferred Scheduled Delivery. Via messaging or mobile app, BOND facilitates direct communication with the customer about their scheduled delivery. The customer can actually choose their preferred delivery time, and the BONDr delivery agent follows through accordingly.

When the order is fulfilled on the customer’s terms, and not on the whim of a huge, anonymous 3rd party courier, there is an unexpectedly happy effect that ripples through the entire post-purchase experience.

3. Your personal BONDr

No one likes to feel that they are just a number in a line. Unfortunately, that’s what online shopping has become. The human element is sorely missing. Not with BOND.

BOND’s local delivery teams are made up of BONDrs – actual people! Your BONDr is your local delivery friend. BONDrs care about the neighborhood because they are a part of it. They care about the environment and the customer because they are face to face with them every day. It’s the small stuff that counts – a smile, a friendly chat, taking away the packaging for recycling. BOND’s strict customer service code turns an online order delivery into a professional concierge experience.

4. Freestyle, hassle-free returns

One of the toughest challenges for online retailers is the free-return service, which has become an industry standard. Returns have grown to become a whopping 40% of retailers’ post-purchase expenses! And it’s not just retailers who are suffering. With tedious reboxing and having to send the package back to the retailer, returns are a massive source of frustration for customers as well.

That’s why BOND created its simple Freestyle Return delivery service. There’s no labeling, boxing, packaging or useless trips to the post office or delivery shop. Customers simply leave the product for the BONDr to collect from their home, and we take care of the rest.

It’s an extension of the local, personal, and friendly dialogue happening every day between local BONDrs and their customers. No questions asked and all done on the customer’s terms. That’s the way to build brand love.

5. Tailored delivery experiences

True, most online shoppers experience some degree of frustration after their online purchase ends. Delivery schedule, the return process, even the initial unboxing and use of the product – all these are vital milestones for online retailers in building trust with their customers.

That’s why BOND goes beyond delivery to enable retailers to tailor the experience for their customers and brand. Make the delivery positive and memorable for customers, with added services, like setup, installation and even demonstrations of how to use the product. Or how about some extras that make all the difference, like linen deliveries that include making up the bed and chocolates on the pillow, or cosmetics deliveries with beauty consulting! With BOND Post Purchase Experiences, the only limit is imagination.

Let's talk today, so you can deliver smarter tomorrow!

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