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5 Inspiring Brands Helping to Fight Coronavirus 

Published on: April 2, 2020

It is in times of crises that true leaders emerge to inspire those around them. Doctors, nurses and health care workers are undeniably the heroes of COVID-19, risking their lives daily on the front lines of the virus. The rest of us are simply doing the best we can staying home, following safety regulations, and cheering on first responders from our balconies. In recent weeks, several brands have joined the COVID-19 battle with generous donations, social awareness campaigns, and acts of kindness. Here are a few brands inspiring us by making a difference in little and big ways.

1) Allbirds
The DTC brand hit Instagram last week to announce it would be donating its popular style, the Wool Runner, to medical professionals fighting coronavirus. In just four days, the company donated $500,000 worth of shoes (that’s about 5,000 pairs!) to help doctors and nurses protect lives more comfortably. Due to an unexpectedly long waiting list, Allbirds quickly changed their approach, inviting customers to join them in fighting COVID-19. With their new “buy-one-give-one” model, customers can donate to the cause while purchasing a pair of shoes. The donation will go towards splitting the cost of the shoe delivery to a medical professional on the list.

2) Zara
Owned by Inditex fashion group, Zara has always been a leader when it comes to social and environmental causes. Last year the fashion-forward giant pledged to use 100% sustainable fabrics by 2025. A bold mission, to say the least. Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, the mega brand shared that its factories and logistics teams would shift resources to produce surgical face masks for medical workers and patients battling coronavirus. Time and again, Zara has proven to be more than just a fashion brand
it is an extraordinary leader shaping the future of retail, while making the world a safer place. 

3) Tieks
Ready for a fresh brand with a fresh take on the coronavirus battle? Tieks, a DTC shoe brand, launched Operation #sewtogether, a creative campaign to encourage its community to sew low-grade masks for medical workers from their very own homes. At the same time, the LA-based shoemaker retooled its factory, invested in sewing machines, and trained its workers to sew masks. Because really – what’s the difference between a medical mask or a designer ballet flat? If you can sew, you can sew!  As an added incentive, the company said they would give a $50 gift card to anyone who stitches and donates 25 masks, or a $100 gift card for over 50 masks.

4) Rogue Fitness
This all American fitness brand has temporarily suspended their manufacturing of fitness equipment to fight COVID-19 head on. In a statement posted on their social media, they shared that they have shifted their resources to manufacture vital medical supplies like masks, gowns and ventilators to aid hospitals and medical staff. What an admirable feat for a brand that could very well be profiting off the high demand for fitness supplies during this time! Rogue is proof that a brand’s mission statement can actually be more than just fancy words on a website. Their dedication to using their local resources to battle the pandemic, highlights their mission to source locally when possible and support U.S manufacturing. 

5) Estée Lauder
Inspired by family values and a spirit of generosity, the big beauty conglomerate announced that it would be making several donations to support the global community during COVID-19. In addition to manufacturing hand sanitizer for medical professionals and vulnerable populations, the company has pledged millions of dollars to help both global and local communities. Most recently, it supported the establishment of
The NYC COVID-19 Response & Impact Fund, a $75 million philanthropic project, which aims to support New York City’s vital social services and cultural community organizations.

How is your brand inspiring others and helping to fight coronavirus? We want to hear!


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