5 Ways BOND Turns the Post-Purchase Journey into an Opportunity For Online Retailers

We all love to shop online, but there’s one part that most of us don’t love. And that’s what happens after we click the ‘buy’ button. Waiting, more waiting, confusing delivery times, late deliveries, missed deliveries, complicated return policies, waiting again, total frustration and a bad brand experience.

How Great Post-Purchase Experiences Made Our DTC Brand Explode – and How You Can Benefit Too

Two years ago, my colleagues, May and Michael, and I launched a DTC grocery brand.
And like any other eCommerce brand, we invested most of our resources on customer experience. I’m proud to say, we nailed it. We had great products, and a well defined and differentiated brand. Our FB ads were branded yet performance-driven, we built a killer Instagram community, created our own influencer network, did acquisition by the book, invested in retention, and created an email marketing strategy… Every part of the user journey that was in our control, was pre-planned and very well-executed.