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3 Ways eCommerce Businesses Can Fight Coronavirus

Published on: March 17, 2020

Even in the worst crisis – and indeed this a major one – there is often a silver lining. Direct-to-consumer brands and other e-commerce businesses can emerge strong from these difficult days. To do so, they must remain optimistic and stay on top of every stage of the customer journey. We talked with our direct-to-consumer partners to gather the most valuable tips on how brands can overcome this global outbreak.

1.Be Sensitive 

Your customers may be fearful and panicking – and understandably so. Now is the time to go above and beyond, and show your customers you care, just like you would with a dear friend or loved one. Think of creative ways your brand can go the extra mile, from discounts to giveaways to extra sensitive customer service.

Stay connected on social media (remember – social distancing doesn’t include social media!) by providing genuine emotional support, relevant data and perhaps even some humor when appropriate. The closer your customers feel to you, the more they will stick around.

2. Be Valuable

Medical suppliers, canned food companies, and disinfectant brands are clearly doing well, but what about other brands? How can less “necessary” brands stay strong and remain valuable during this crisis? Regardless of industry, it is vital to push essential items to the forefront with contextual and relevant messaging.

Mattress companies might talk about how sleeping better helps reduce anxiety. Fashion brands can lower prices and offer their products as the perfect “guilty pleasure” to ease consumers’ minds during the toughest of days. While you may not sell fresh produce or hand sanitizer, ask how your brand can bring genuine value as the outbreak continues to intensify.

3. Be there (fast!)

With rising demands for online delivery and a heavy strain on retail supply chains, it’s never been more important to get to customers fast. If brands want to weather this storm, they’re going to have to think and move quickly. There’s simply no time for fragmented logistics or serious delays.

Direct-to-consumer brands should partner with agile and reliable last-mile companies who offer same-day delivery and returns. When choosing last mile partners, quick and easy integration is key, as well as urban storage and on-demand delivery fleets. The last mile is always critical, but during coronavirus it could make or break your brand. Looking for ways to deliver goods to customers in New York? Let’s talk! We have everything from urban storage to local delivery teams. Drop us a line at

Let's talk today, so you can deliver smarter tomorrow!

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