Milk Bar and Bond Partner to Offer Upgraded Dessert Delivery in NYC

Cookie lovers of New York — hope you’re hungry! We’re super excited to announce our sweet new partnership with the one and only Milk Bar. Founded by award-winning pastry chef Christina Tosi, Milk Bar has been “shaking up the dessert industry” for over a decade, with their freakin’ good cookies and crazy tasty treats. Bon Appetit magazine calls them “one of the most exciting bakeries in the country,” and after devouring just about every dessert on their menu, we can honestly say we’re not surprised. With eleven locations across New York, we’ll be teaming up with Milk Bar to offer the most outstanding last-mile dessert delivery in the state. Chocolate-chocolate cookie craving? We’ve got you covered. Surprise confetti B’day Cake for your BFF? Coming right up! An assortment of truffles for your annoying, but overall pretty awesome co-workers? Milk Bar and Bond are on our way with same-day, scheduled deliveries

Fulfilling Your Subscription Box Demands

From milk to socks and product samples, subscription boxes have been around for ages. Regardless of what you are looking for, you can find a subscription box for pretty much everything. The key to success when it comes to subscription boxes is not entirely dependent on the actual goods, but rather the transportation from business to consumer. In the US, the subscription boxes value more than $10M and range from clothing to food. What separates successful subscription boxes from others is the ability of a business to ensure that it can deliver in a fast and punctual time.

Understanding the Basics of eCommerce Logistics

eCommerce is expected to become the largest retail channel in the world by 2021. Many brands are turning their brick and mortar shops into direct-to-consumer eCommerce businesses. While some brands can adapt much easier than others, other  industries and brands may find a few obstacles in the shift from traditional business practices to the now more digital and fast-paced practices of eCommerce.

What is Reverse Logistics and Why It Matters

Reverse logistics, also known as return management, requires the appropriate measures to promote the flow of materials back from the point of consumption to the point of origin. This flow is an essential component of order fulfillment since returns due to damage, factual errors, and repulsion involve the disposal or reintegration of the replaced products. Reverse logistics can require various stages of planning, implementation, and management of products.

How to Minimize Last Mile Delivery Costs

One thing that consumers don’t realize when they place an order online is the amount of effort that goes into the preparation and delivery of their purchase. As consumers, you add the item to your cart, hit buy, and somewhere someone is taking your product and preparing it for shipment. Depending on the brand and distributor, consumers can receive their goods within 24 to 48 hours. For some eCommerce brands, most of the costs are incurred because of last-mile delivery costs.

What is the Post Purchase Cognitive Dissonance?

Post-purchase cognitive dissonance refers to the state of mind that a customer may experience that is related to a prior purchase. It is a widespread occurrence where a customer makes a purchase and begins to regret it thereafter. A simple example is where someone has decided to purchase a clothing item but then begins to think that the price was too high after the purchase is completed. The reasons for this feeling can vary, as both internal and external influences play a part. However, the defining factor is the sense of dissatisfaction or unease surrounding the purchase.