The DTC Brands’ Step by Step Guide to a Beneficial Return Policy

As eCommerce continues to grow, DTC brands are experiencing unprecedented peaks in online sales. This means that more people do not get to test, try on, or experience products before purchasing them. As a result, many brands see that displaying a clear return policy increases not only the number of online customers but also the number of satisfied customers. A definite return policy is one of the most critical elements in almost any business. Having a return policy gives customers a sense of trust from the company they buy from and its’ products. According to a Harris Poll, 91 percent of consumers feel that a business’s return policy greatly influenced their purchase. So, by establishing a coherent system, your business can experience more customer satisfaction.

Where Brands Can Exceed Customer Expectations During COVID-19

This piece was first published in TotalRetail on May 7, 2020.

COVID-19 has brought new challenges to every aspect of life, and at the same time created opportunities and momentum for new trends and innovations. In an age of social distancing, D-to-C brands are deprived of their routine face-to-face interactions with customers. While a myriad of products are available online, creating differentiation and providing value to the customer is even more challenging when physical interaction cannot play a role in the purchase experience.

Last-Mile Delivery Designed for Fashion Brands

While trends come and go, a fast and reliable last-mile is always in style. Fashion brands everywhere are seeking last-mile solutions to optimize efficiency, increase sales, and boost retention. How can your fashion brand stand out from the crowd? We’ve got just what you need! Check out Bond’s bold last-mile services to give your customer experience that extra oomph.

Bond Q&A: Hummus Joonam On Staying Connected to Customers

Grab those pitta chips, it’s time to celebrate hummus! With so many flavors and spices, hummus is more than just a dip — it’s a way of life. In honor of International Hummus Day, we reached out to Ohad Fisherman, Founder of Hummus Joonam, to chat about all things chickpea related. Read on to discover how this DTC brand stays connected to its customers in the age of social distancing, and how same day delivery has boosted their customer experience.

DTC Brands: Avoid These Common eCommerce Funnel Mistakes

When was the last time you evaluated the success of your current marketing strategy? Are your online customers met with great offers and promises only to be disappointed by your last-mile logistics? Many eCommerce businesses are failing to optimize their sales funnels. The consequences of this could be anything from high customer acquisition costs, a lack of repeat customers, and generally low conversion rates. In this article, we identify some of the most common eCommerce funnel mistakes and what you can do about them.

5 Badass Mother’s Day Gifts

Mom still can’t figure out how to use emojis. What on earth does 🍦🌵😵mean?! She tags you in embarrassing photos from kindergarten. She won’t stop telling her friends about that time you borrowed her car and broke the side-view mirror. It was already broken, Mom! But at the end of the day, she’s still your mother. And for one day a year, she deserves a whole lot of praise and maybe even a dozen roses. This Mother’s Day, we’re letting those embarrassing moments slide ‘cause let’s face it — moms are AWESOME. Forget sappy greeting cards, we’re into really cool gifts. Check out these five BADASS brands with must-have, direct-to-her-doorstep Mother’s Day gifts.