It is in times of crises that true leaders emerge to inspire those around them. Doctors, nurses and health care workers, are undeniably the heroes of COVID-19, risking their lives daily on the front line of the virus. The rest of us are simply doing the best we can staying home, following safety regulations, and cheering on first responders from our balconies. In recent weeks, several brands have joined the COVID-19 battle with generous donations, social campaigns and acts of kindness. Here are a few brands inspiring us by making a difference in little and big ways.

Last-mile delivery is the movement of your goods from transportation hubs to the delivery destination. In a sense, it is the phrase that means getting your items to your customers. Amazon is currently working to distance itself from various third-party delivery services because it wants to build its own network. While this is admirable, we are now seeing the repercussions of that in light of the pandemic. 

Everyone has been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic, whether you know someone who has it, got laid off because you work at a nonessential business, or you’re on the front lines delivering goods to stores and people. Most Americans are doing their best to cope and adapt while trying to contain the fear and worry they feel for themselves and their loved ones. Still, those in the delivery industry have a job to do, whether it’s globally or right here in the US. The pandemic is affecting all aspects of it.

Even in the worst crisis – and indeed this a major one – there is often a silver lining. Direct-to-consumer brands and other e-commerce businesses can emerge strong from these difficult days. To do so, they must remain optimistic and stay on top of every stage of the customer journey. We talked with our direct-to-consumer partners to gather the most valuable tips on how brands can overcome this global outbreak.

It’s the most fashionable time of the year! As designers show off their latest collections on the world’s most prestigious runways, photographers and fashion critics gather front row for a sneak peek of 2020’s must-have styles. And this year, in addition to the boldest outfits making waves, dramatic developments are taking place in the fast-growing world of eCommerce fashion. Given that the global fashion online market is predicted to grow to $872B by 2023, next-gen fashion brands are eager to try on the industry’s noteworthy trends (Statistica, 2018).

Bond, a new urban-delivery company, is changing the game of last-mile delivery by replacing traditional package delivery with hyperlocal, electric-trikes. D2C brands can now offer customers outstanding post-purchase experiences.