Our Story

It started with some veggies...

Just a few years ago, we started off as an online grocery store delivering fresh produce to consumers. With great products, a differentiated brand, superb marketing, and original content, we were acing the customer experience. Everything was going great.

Well, almost everything.

No matter how hard we tried, we just couldn’t crack the last mile. Our brand was being damaged by bad delivery experiences, late packages, confusing return policies and more. 

The worst part? None of this was under our control, as it was handled by 3PLs (third-party providers), and we had no visibility into the delivery lifecycle. It was holding back our business, so we decided to tackle the issue ourselves.

Now we're here.

Together with our local delivery team, we’re able to make deliveries faster— significantly increasing customer satisfaction, AO, retention, and brand visibility. 

We had done it! With hard work and ingenuity, we had solved one of the biggest challenges in online retail and last-mile logistics.

Introducing Bond – The Post Purchase Company 

Meet our leaders who challenge everyone at Bond to deliver on promises and packages.

The Bond Leaders
Bond’s Game-Changing Bold Vision
Designing Post Purchase Experiences
The Secret Behind Bond’s Flexible Business Model
Using Deep Learning and AI to Make Brands and Customers Happy
Learn about our data-driven business model
Reverses the Satisfaction Death Valley