Same-day delivery, even during the toughest times

The lightest and fastest last-mile delivery company in New York. On time, eco-friendly, and more cost-effective than ever.

״The Shopify of logistics.״


״The new urban shipping company.״

“Better customer service after the purchase.״

Hyperlocal, Urban Storage

Store goods closer to your customers and get to them faster. When it comes to storage, we keep it hyperlocal. 

On-Time Delivery

Better late than never? Hell no. We show up when we say we will. So simple, yet revolutionary.

Pain-Free Returns

The easiest, most enjoyable return experience for you and your customers, guaranteed.  

Single Source of Truth Dashboard

With Bond’s integration tech, brands can manage the entire customer journey from one centralized place. Full transparency, live updates and actionable AI-informed data.

Seamless integration with all e-commerce platforms

We do delivery differently.